Today is my last day in the @trunkclub office. It’s been a fun and exciting place to work, and I’ve been proud of everything of the things i designed here. Here’s a look at some random design elements that weren’t used for various reasons. (at Trunk Club)


Just in time for Dog Day, “Corgi on a Bike" by Joe Van Wetering is one of this week’s new tees!

We couldn’t find any corgis riding bikes to celebrate the holiday, but we did find quite a few GIFs of these pups staying active:

Check out the rest of this week’s newest designs!

Working on a new piece #cleareyes #fnl

Spoilers #corgi #bikes

One more abstract doodle from yesterday

Super excited to see #guardiansofthegalaxy tonight so I drew @prattprattpratt as Star Lord. I’ve already been hearing good things about the movie, and I love him in #parksandrec. Can’t wait!

#gotg #marvel

Working on a piece based off the artifacts discovered by a University of Chicago professor in the 1930’s


I’m going to be @wmcfest this year! Come say hi and we can talk about why Super Mario World is the best video game of all time. #wmcfest

The start of a universe

Quick end of the day preview. Should have this whole thing finished up and posted some time tomorrow!

Squiggly doodles

Drew @leomessi today for the #worldcup final. Perhaps the greatest player in the world going against an extremely powerful #ger team. Should be a great match!